Academic Performance and Concussion

Academic Performance and Head Injuries:

Just How Bad is That Bump in the Head?

The word “concussion” comes from Latin, meaning “shake; agitate violently; strike together.” Concussions can result from sudden, direct blows to the head that shake the brain inside the skull. In the USA, more than 1.5 million such incidents are reported and treated every year.

Countless other head “collisions” may go untreated—especially with children, as they relate to vision and learning. Any impact, as in contact sports such as football, a fall or car accident, can cause a disruption of the brain and function of the visual system.

So, when a child takes a spill on a bicycle and hits his head on the pavement, the impact—even with a helmet—can be forceful enough to cause an undetected injury and consequent vision problem.

Most people don’t realize that the eyes are actually part of the brain, which is why a head injury can cause vision problems. Vision disorders associated with head injuries respond very well to optometric vision therapy.

Problems with balance and movement, as well as difficulties with academic performance, can be related to vision.  Some of the symptoms* to watch for include:

¨  Blurred or double vision

¨  Headaches

¨  Words move on the page

¨  Loses one’s place when reading

¨  Poor attention span

Symptoms may appear days or weeks later. Some disappear quickly; others might linger. Something can be done about the lingering symptoms.

So, if you or your child had a head injury, play it safe and call our office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation:  (626) 578-9685


© copyright 2013 Derek Tong OD, FCOVD, FNORA

About tongvision

Dr. Tong founded the Center for Vision Development Optometry in 2002 and the center is known for its friendly and caring staff. The center’s main focus are helping children and adults with learning-related vision problem, strabismus (eye turn), amblyopia (lazy eye), autism, head injury, and stroke. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling with his family and teaching children’s bible lessons at his local Bible Study Fellowship. Dr. Tong has been an Optometrist for over 20 years. He is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), the American Academy of Optometry (AAO), and the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA). His professional affiliations include memberships in the California and American Optometric Associations, the International Sports Vision Association, Optometric Extension Program Foundation, COVD, AAO, and NORA. He has served as trustee and past-president of the San Gabriel Valley Optometric Society. He is also a Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor of both the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University and the Western University of Health Sciences College of Optometry.
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